Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stop Doubting and Believe!

John 20.19-29

1. What are the implications that the disciples locked themselves in the room in fear of the Jewish leaders.
2. What does it mean that Jesus came and stood among them? Why were the disciples overjoyed when they saw the Lord? Why is Jesus referred to as the "Lord" here? What is the signficance that Thomas calls Jesus "My Lord and My God"?
3. Why does Jesus say, "Peace be with you", and why does he say it twice?
4. Why was Thomas needing proof?
5. What are the implications that Jesus knew to go to Thomas and knew what Thomas needed?
6. What are the implications that Jesus told Thomas to "Stop doubting and believe". How could Jesus' command be applied to us?
7. What does Jesus mean when he says, "Blessed are thoss who have not seen and yet have believed"? Is this us, or is this the other disciples?
8. Why does John's account stop here in light of what he says in verse 30?

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