Sunday, June 10, 2007

Evoking Spirits

Okay I know that I am treading on shaky ground here but I have always wondered something. The churchs language when discussing the holy ghost can be straight terrifying to some. Here are some examples that can be easily confused or make someone uneasy.

"I was possessed by the holy spirit"
"The holy spirit moved through me"
"God send us your spirit to this place"
In church service..."Cant you just feel the power of the holy spirit moving in this place"
"I need to be sensitive to the spirits urging in my life.

While I know what this means it makes me wonder a couple of things.

Why does the church as whole ignore the influence of demons (the bad side) but evoke and call into being holy spirits (the good side) does it seem like we are playing a one sided all good game?

Also...So many, probably protestants, deny the existence of ghosts and spirits. How can we do that if many of us assert that a spirit has moved through us and caused us or helped us do things?

Any thoughts

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