Thursday, April 26, 2007

What makes a Christian???

While thinking the other day about life, death, and how to avoid hitting that stupid little dog with my mower. I got to thinking...What makes a Christian today? It seems that at one time a Christian could be defined, but in this world of relativism and psychobabble is it as clear cut? There are scriptures that refer to works...scriptures that refer to relationship...some justice...some mercy. Is it really as simply as rote praying a prayer from a 30 page book when your 8 and then living as if it never happened? Or, is it possible that if you love mercy and justice yet have never "accepted" Jesus that you are not a Christian?


What happened to Hell?

Growing up in a charismatic AG church I heard the, "what happened if you died today" sermon every you know, know, know that you would not go to Hell? I am not trying to affirm or deny the validity of this type of sermon, but I must ask the question. What happened to preaching/teaching that there is a Hell?

I cannot remember the last preacher that mentioned that the road to Heaven is narrow and the road to Hell is wide and that we are not all going to go to Heaven.

and just for fun...

Who wants to join my Osteenist denomination?

No, seriously...I would like to hear what y'all think about the next 500 years. If you consider the last 500 years of Theologians there are many that come to mind. Are there any theologians, preachers, philosophers that are alive today that will be referenced at Seminaries in 2507?

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keith said...

As for what makes a Christian, two scriptures come to mind. On the one hand, Matthew 25 that tells the end times story of the goats and the sheep. Those who fed, clothed, and visited little ones did so unto Jesus. For their actions, they are ushered into the Kingdom. Also Mark 7 comes to mind where the story is told of those who Jesus casts away despite their having prophecied and preached in his name.

Of course these stories are word analogies for what the kingdom is like. Elsewhere (Matthew 13?) Jesus equates discipleship with those who truly see that Jesus is the Messiah. Those who don't see, says Jesus, are always looking but never seeing. They have ears but do not hear.

So what does it mean to be a Christian? I think the emphasis is placed on the right heart. Those who have faith in Jesus are true Chrsitans. Still, a tree is proven by its fruit. Some who think they are Christians will be in for a rude awakening on judgement day. Ohers who don't think they are Christians will be shown that they really are Christians. But one factor remains constant: closet Christians always embrace Jesus' true identity as Son of God. To not perceive Jesus' sonship is to not be a Christian.